Are you ready to “Give Back like a 1-Percenter”?

I have found in my life there are not many gifts greater than the gift of being able to pay it forward. Because of this, I have committed to marking down over half of my gross income each year from my various businesses and investments. For me, ‘Giving Back like a 1-Percenter’ stands for not only donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving charities each year, but also being involved in helping change the world.

I am very selective about the charities that I donate to. Charities I have donated to in the last year include the following:

As well as:

The Tom Gentile Distance Education Program is a new sponsorship with Safe Port Initiative. They are an organization dedicated to providing services and advocacy to victims and survivors of human trafficking and other human rights violations. The Tom Gentile Distance Education Program will help deliver all levels of education to survivors around the world by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and confidence they will need to succeed.

I’m doing this to show you I believe in the concept of ‘Giving Back like a 1-Percenter’; giving back to my community, my country and the world.