“I can safely say that learning from Tom Gentile, I have learned from the best!” Jimmy Young, Independent Currency Trader

“This guy is the King of Rules Based Trading...” Jay Harris, trader and associate of the Pro Traders Institute

Tom Gentile

One of the world’s foremost authorities on stock, futures and options trading

With more than 25 years’ experience trading stocks, futures, and options, Tom’s style of trading systems and strategies are designed to help individual investors propel themselves past 99 percent of the trading crowd.

Starting his career from his parents’ home in 1986, Tom quickly climbed the ranks of the American Stock Exchange. In 1993, Tom co-founded Optionetics, one of the largest and most trusted financial education companies in the world. He eventually sold it to one of the largest retail brokerage firms in the world. You can’t do this without honesty, integrity and longevity.

Tom has taught more than 300,000 traders the specific secrets to spotting high-probability and low-risk trade opportunities. His next goal is to help individual investors play the market like a true 1-percenter™!